Your Guide To The Best Shopping In Savannah Historic District

Savannah, GA, is a city brimming with history. You can visit Savannah’s excellent museums or take a walking tour guided by a local expert. One of the most popular things to do in Savannah, GA, is to visit the historic district. This area encompasses rich Savannah history and is a popular tourist attraction for many reasons. Spend a day admiring this city’s charm and history when you go shopping in the Savannah Historic District. Visiting and shopping in this area is just one of the many incredible things to do when you visit Savannah. For more ideas for what to put on your Savannah, GA, itinerary, request a copy of our complimentary Insider’s Guide!

Where To Go Shopping In Savannah Historic District

About Savannah Historic District

The Savannah Historic District is listed as a National Historic Landmark. This district is representative of James E. Oglethorpe’s vision for Savannah’s city plan. Oglethorpe had a deep influence on Savannah. Our inn is even located on a historic downtown road with his namesake!

Much of his vision has remained the same. Some examples of this include various squares and the continuity of Georgian-style architecture. Within the blocks of the Savannah Historic District lies some of the finest, most authentic Savannah shopping.

Broughton Street Shops

Broughton Street is home to some of the finest things to do in Savannah. You can see a show at The Lucas Theatre or browse the Gutstein Gallery that’s filled with famous art. Among all the great activities on Broughton Street is some of Savannah Historic District’s best shopping. One of the most popular places to shop on this strip is the two-story Paris Market. Or, stop in Civvies to browse clothing trends across a variety of eras.

Savannah City Market

The Savannah City Market evolved from something of a market for fresh produce to the charming, outdoor market it is today. You can purchase locally-crafted jewelry, sweets, and more! Dream of all the places you could visit in a single afternoon with their list of shops!

Stay At Ballastone Inn

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